Codice "Q" internazionale
International "Q" code

QRANome o pseudonimo
personal name or handle
QRMdisturbo prodotto da stazioni radio, interferenza da canale vicino
man made noise, adjacent channel interference
QRNdisturbo statico
static noise
QROaumentare potenza
increase power
QRPridurre potenza
reduce power
QRTspegnere, abbandonare
shut down, clear
QRZsigla, identificativo
QSLconferma, generalmente riferita a cartolina da scambiarsi
confirmation, often refers to confirmation cards exchanged by hams
QSXin attesa
standing by on the side
QSYspostamento su altra frequenza
move to another frequency
QTHabitazione, località
address, location

The following is from a list of Q-codes used by DX'rs
Lista di codici Q solitamente usata per collegamenti DX

QRLBusy, Stand By
QRMMan Made Interference
QRTStop Transmit or Shutting Down (same as 10-7 on AM)
QRXStop Transmit or Standing By
QRZWho is Calling?
QSReceiving Well
QSBReceiving Poorly
QSKI have something to Say or Station breaking
QSMRepeat Message
QSORadio Contact
QSPRelay Message
QSXStanding By (same as 10-10 on AM)
QSYChanging Frequency
QTHMy Location is... or What's your location?
QTRCorrect Time

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